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                          2. New Year’s Greetings from Nankai University

                            Dear professors, students, alumni, dear friends,

                            After the New Year’s bell rings, Nankai University will face a fresh new start for the next 100 years. During this happy moment, on behalf of Nankai University’s all faculties and students, former staff, and alumni home and abroad, we want to wish a happy and thriving New Year to the people who always care and support Nankai University’s development!

                            The year 2019 has had a monumental significance to Nankai University’s history. January 17th, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the PRC, visited Nankai University. During the visit, he fully approved the university’s philosophy and characteristics on university management for the last 100 years, and expressed his sincere hopes for Nankai University’s development for the next 100 years of the new era. Over the past years, the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches during his visit at Nankai University has been the guide for the university’s work. Nankai University also held thousands of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary, especially the Centenary Anniversary of Nankai University on October 17th, which gathered the huge power of Nankai’s faculties, students and alumni, and showed the positive spirit of Nankai people of the new era. Since the beginning of the thematic education of “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”, the university has kept on to the theme, carrying out the combination of learning and educating, investigating and studying, viewing the problems, hence rectifying and reforming. With patriotic aspiration and striving ambition, Nankai University spared no efforts in writing a new chapter of Nankai’s reform and development for the next 100 years.

                            In 2019, Nankai people gathered to make progress. All faculties and students celebrated the 70th anniversary of the PRC’s founding in all forms. The Promotion Conference of Deepening the Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Theory Course of the New Era was held at Nankai University. Balitai campus was designated as Provincial-level Patriotism Education Base, and is the only university that is selected as a whole. The appeal and influence of Nankai’s patriotic tradition continued to expand. Series of patriotic activities formed strong momentum. The university has been on CCTV News for 16 times throughout the year, showing the world Nankai’s feelings, character and spirit. Nankai University Education Foundation raised more than 1 billion yuan. Wenzhong Hall and Haibing Hall were inaugurated successively. A large number of well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered at Nankai and more than 180 “100-Year-Old Nankai’s Seminars” were held. The event “100-year-old Nankai Lights up the World” was posted around on the social network, highlighting Nankai’s manner and power.

                            Nankai people also made innovative breakthrough over the past year. The second prize of National Natural Science was given to Nankai’s project “Research on organic and carbon nano materials for energy conversion and storage”. The results of “Key technology and system integration of intelligent industrial crane” was selected into the list of “2019 Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress of Intelligent Manufacturing in China”. Nankai’s teams overcame the problem of micro processing of lithium niobate materials, which had puzzled the world for many years, developed “space sponge” with high temperature and extreme cold resistance, and their ultra-high capacity lithium-ion battery materials set a new world record in this field… To promote interdisciplinary development, the university established Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Center of New Energy Transformation and Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Center of Storage and Cell Response. 3 papers with Nankai University as the corresponding institution were published on “Science”; 12 Nankai faculties were selected into the list of 2019 Global Highly Cited Scientists; the total number of citations of papers included in SCI was 23.68, ranking 1st among Chinese universities.

                            In 2019, Nankai people made important achievements. Nankai University and the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences jointly build the Institute of Marxism in the 21st century. The university’s Textbook Research Base of “Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism” was selected to the first batch of National Key Research Bases for Textbook Construction. Jointly-established Coordinative and Innovation Center of Modern Tourism Development was designated as the first coordinative and innovation center of tourism in China. Many important academic works and research results were published, including “Collected Works of Nankai’s Historians”, “Development Report of State-controlled Listed Companies”, “CCB-Nankai Systematic Risk Index”, etc. Institute of China’s New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy, Research Institute of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development and other think-tank constructions were all successful.

                            Nankai University improved all-round education in 2019. The university published “40 Rules of Nankai” for undergraduate education and released series of measures to promote the quality of graduate education. In order to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition, Nankai attaches great importance to education and teaching, Nankai University raised 5 million yuan and awarded the first Nankai University Education and Teaching Award. Moreover, Nankai’s students won two gold medals in “Internet +” Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest as well as the winner’s cup in the “Challenge Cup” Competition. Nankai University won the right to host the 2022 International Chemical Olympics. Nankai also won the championship in the World Famous University Dragon Boat Race and World Prestigious University Chess Invitational Tournament. The original play “Yang Shixian” was performed in Macau. Ashar Nuertai won the title of Top Ten “China’s Best College Students”.

                            2019 witnesses Nankai people’s contribution to the motherland. Nankai University-Bohai New Area’s Cangzhou Research Institute and other university-government cooperative projects were inaugurated. Nankai University’s ability of technological innovation and industrial incubation has been continuously enhanced, strongly boosting the local economic and social development of the country. 509 graduates engaged in the construction of the Central and Western China; and more than 9,500 teachers and students participated in social practice, inheriting the tradition of serving for China’s development and gathering abundant patriotic energy.

                            In 2019, Nankai University increased the level of cooperation with overseas institutions. Nankai University-Oxford University Joint Research Institute and other international-jointed research centers. “Nature” and “Science”, the world’s top academic journals, launched a series of special reports to comprehensively display the 100-year academic accumulation and achievements of Nankai University. The 9th Confucius Institute organized by Nankai University was officially opened. Prof. GONG Ke officially took office of President of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO). Nankai’s influence in the world of higher education continued to increase.

                            We are grateful for every moment of the year 2019. We thank all the staff and the faculties for their wisdom and hardworking, which are the root and power of the university to gain glory again. We thank all alumni home and abroad for their union and effort to spread the 100-year-old Nankai’s legends to the world. We thank all friends who support Nankai’s development because it is their support and encouragement that always warm up Nankai people when we strive for our dream.

                            Looking forward, we still have mountains to climb after the 100-year journey. On the stage of the new era of the Chinese socialism, on the way to starting the new century of Nankai, it’s our honor to take the responsibilities on our shoulders. In 2020, we will remain true to our original aspiration and carry forward the tradition, cultivating excellent talents with all-round capabilities. We will always keep our mission firmly in mind and strive for the best. We will always struggle for the first-class education, comprehensively implementing the “4211 Seeking Excellence Plan” and accelerating the construction of first-class university. Remembering the 100-year glorious and patriotic history, Nankai University will start the new century with dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day. Let us interpret the connotation of Nankai’s spirit with practical actions, seizing the day and living it to the full, composing a new chapter from a new starting point!

                            Chancellor: YANG Qingshan

                            President: CAO Xuetao

                            January 1, 2020


                             Translated by Yuchen Shi,Edited by Davide Francolino, Qianye Yang and JianjingYun